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It's all about creating that mehendi laga k rakhna moment in your wedding and how can be this possible without having the best mehendi artist at your home. Quicqo brings the best professional mehendi artist at your doorstep. Be it your wedding or your friend's or your relative's, these profession Read More

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Hiring Guide - Best Mehendi Artist Near You

Indian wedding without Mehendi and searching the best professional for your service without Quicqo – both are impossible. Not even the brides, but also the grooms are fond of Mehendi. In Indian wedding “Mehendi Ki rasam”, “haldi” are so much popular that even people hire professional wedding planner from Quicqo. The bride looks incomplete without the Mehendi on her hands and foots. The occasion is simply mesmerising. If you know the importance of Mehendi then you will agree on this – Mehendi makes the bride looks gorgeous. So, if it is your wedding or want to hire the Best Mehendi artist in Delhi NCR at affordable range, do visit Quicqo website and hire the professional Mehendi artist today as we curated the best and authentic mehendi artists in the city for you.

What is Mehendi Design?

Mehendi is a Hindi term used to indicate a temporary design (tattoo) made with natural henna and painted on hands or feet. While in the past it was used only in the East (in India in particular) and in North Africa for the decoration of brides, as a sign of good luck and protection, today this technique is also adopted for simple fun. These Mehendi design from ancient tradition were allowed in principle only on kings, sovereigns and priests, but over time they spread among all social classes, becoming one of the first ornamental instruments. Now the women show off the Mehendi as a tool of beauty and seduction.

The First Advice Before Performing Mehendi Art

Choosing professional Mehendi artist is a challenge. This is because there is a greater variety of styles regarding mehendi. Brides, bridesmaids and guests need to be aware of a number of factors such as skin care and choice of the Mehendi designs. Avoiding unnecessary design is also essential to achieving the best result and looking even better on the Big Day. Before performing Mehendi art, cleansing the skin with appropriate astringent products is crucial. Washing the hands with mild liquid soap, skinning at least once before the day of Mehendi makeup, moisturizing it with a colour lock cream. 

Skin Care is Essential for the Mehendi Art

One of the great secrets to making Mehendi makeup beautiful is to take care of your skin before your wedding day. All aesthetic and dermatological treatments must be done in advance. If you have nails then determine which sort of Mehendi design will suits your hands. If it is long, medium or short – for each one there is a design. If you have no nails, then choose the design accordingly. Skin care should be started 20 days before the wedding. Among the main ones are keeping the skin toned, hydrated, clean and without residues. It is important to avoid using acids on the hands and feet at least one week in advance as the product compromises the durability and effect of Mehendi colour and durability.

The Mehendi Design for Guest Needs Some Care

The morning and evening wedding Mehendi style should be striking. It is worth betting on something sexy, with light skin and marked with contours and blush. The sparkles on the Mehendi design are also great options as they bring an air of glamor. Nowadays creamy glitter shadows on Mehendi are in high demand. Women who will be bridesmaids may seek different Mehendi art. In the bridesmaid's Mehendi design, it's possible to choose trendy Mehendi design, containing a slight sparkle. If you want a simple Mehendi design in the wedding, you can browse the Internet and choose the design you like. You must tell your Mehendi artist to draw an outline with a sketch pencil and give the feedback – how it looks. If it is okay then go ahead. If not then consult with the Best Mehendi artist near you. Morning Mehendi occasion for the guest can be done with traditional design with modern touch, give a 3D effect. 

Choose the Professional Without Inspiration

The second step to rock your wedding Mehendi makeup is to separate out inspirations and pick a good professional Mehendi artist. The Mehendi specialist will analyse the client's wishes and adapt to the ideal Mehendi design for each woman's style. Before thinking about Mehendi you have to analyse the occasion, the dress and the characteristics of the person's figure. However, only then you will be able to assemble the perfect Mehendi design that adorns with all the elements of the look and highlights the most beautiful points of the bride. You must also consider the fact that the design and deepness of the Mehendi colour must match with the skin tone, with the bridal make up and bridal dress. It's nice for the colour of the Mehendi to match lightly with the accessories, but not too much. 

Skin Colours for the Mehendi Makeup 

Another important factor is knowing how to choose the best Mehendi design that best match your skin tone. Even if you already have something in mind, ask a professional Mehendi artist to check if the design you intend to use is really a good choice. Now Book Mehendi artist in Delhi and choose your favourite Mehendi design easily. 

Fair Skin Mehendi Design 

We need to take some points into consideration when thinking about choosing the best Mehendi design for which goes with fair skin. According to several Mehendi experts, white-skinned women may have the natural shade of pinker or more yellowish skin. Those with pink skin should choose the bigger Mehendi design with deep base. Those with yellowish skin should look for more traditional design with vibrant tones. They can choose the design which covers the entire hands till the elbow. And, for the feet, they can choose more traditional or Mughal design. 

Brown Skin Mehendi Design 

When it comes to choose the Mehendi design for the brown skin tone, especially for the at night wedding, it is worth investing in more accurate design. Dark skin can be combined with modern Mehendi design which can be more ethnic than traditional Mehendi design. In this case, you may not choose to design till the end of the elbow, but a simple modern Mehendi design covering your fingers and half of the hands (below elbow) will be an ideal choice. You can choose the design more like modern tattoos. In this case the sense of the dress and the colour of the dress plays vital role. 

A Few Tips for Wedding Mehendi Design

There are 2 important factors so that on your wedding day you look super cute and spectacular. First it is, of course, to hire a professional Mehendi artist who not only uses quality products (organic Mehendi with floral oil to make skin smoother – without allergenic effects – no chemical and sulphate free), but has experience. Another factor is the preparation of your skin (hands and feet) before the wedding. Just keep in mind that your choice of Mehendi design will be the reflection of your happiness, the eyes and faces will be fixed on your hands and feet. It is based on your tastes and time of your wedding. Consult with the Top rated Mehendi artist in Delhi whether you prefer a traditional, modern, simple, vibrant, tattoo type or another type of Mehendi design. Remember that you can always ask for advice from your friends and family members, but the last decision will be taken by you.  

Choice of a Professional Mehendi Artist 

Not only in wedding Mehendi occasion, but as an expert in the world of weddings, Quicqo is a support for brides because you get suppliers that fulfil what you are looking for - experience, recognized and at a good price attend. So you can choose Top ten Mehendi artist in Delhi from a variety of options. If you have friends who have just gone through the wonderful stage, ask for recommendations. Do not forget to ask how the attention was. But, here you will do the mistake. Her Mehendi artist may not be suitable for you. This is why watch their work, and then hire them.  

Skin Problems (if any) Must Be Cured 

Before choosing the Mehendi artist, here is one simple aspect you must need to consider. There are maybe spots or scars on your feet or hands that the Mehendi does not cover completely or that will make your Bridal look imperfect. If you need to go to a dermatologist or specialist, it is important that you do it with time. You can schedule the date with the professional you hire, just make sure it looks just the way you want it. 

Conclusion: Why Hiring from Quicqo Only?


Hiring the professional Mehendi artist from Quicqo is not hard. You just need to choose the professional Mehendi artist from the huge selection. Simple. But, there may be a question rising in your mind that why it must be from Quicqo? Well, who will take the responsibility of the quality service? Yes, it is Quicqo which let you select the only after a solid background check. And the result – you get the best service. So, if you were searching for the best Mehendi artist near me, we hope your search ends here.

How it works?

Q. How to hire a professional from Quicqo?

Since we connect you with the best service professional, we need your requirements in a detailed manner. So first you insert your search in the search bar and fill up the details asked in the form. You need to fill up your location so that we can match with the best service professional near by you. After submitting the details, matched professionals will get in touch with you and you can check, compare their ratings, reviews, quotes and hire the right professional.

Q. Why Quicqo?

- We follow certain parameters and process to onboard service professionals on our platform which includes not only their portfolio, document verification but also their background checks to ensure the best quality for our customer.

- We make sure about delivering services with in your budget and that's why keep the affordablity factor in mind while onboarding the professionals and designing the further process.

- Customers are the top most priority for Quicqo and we make sure about 100% customer satisfaction and assist our customers personally if required anytime.

- We closely monitor all our service professionals and the services delivered by them. We have strict guidelines for them to follow and to maintain the quality standard we take strong actions against like blacklist, refund, penalty on them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How the payments will be done for service?

The service professional will send you the link via sms or email where from you can pay the amount through credit card, debit card, netbanking etc.

Q. Will I be able to see the portfolio and discuss with the professional before hiring?

Yes. You can check their portfolio or even can ask them to share more work once you get the contact details of service professional. You can have a detailed discussion before hiring any service professional.