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With the monsoon season, many of us have already started preparing for the rains. But how many of us are making our cars ready for the monsoon? In order to make sure of the safe travel, we brought you the list of a few important car maintenance hecks & tips that you can follow before stepping out with your vehicle.

1) Check For Leakages:

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One of the foremost and important things to check for if there is any leakage in the vehicle. This could lead to the breakdown of a vehicle at any place outside. This could be an oil leak or gas leak or any other leaks that might cause the rainwater to enter the vehicle and results in big damage. It can be through rubber seal around windows and sunroofs. Ensure proper fixation and fitting for all these to avoid any rainwater seeping into the car.

2) Tire Check:

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During the monsoon, it is very crucial to have a healthy set of tires because rains decrease the friction between the tire and the road. You can simply check the size of treads of the tires to check it’s health. If your tires have low treads, change them immediately before any unfortunate event.

3) Electricals:

Check all the exposed wiring, make sure they are covered and connected before taking a ride in the rainy season. Check for any missing insulations, cuts which could lead to short circuits. Make sure that you have the best and healthy battery because driving during this season could lead to extra use to fog lamps, lights, etc, and thus higher load on the battery.

4) Braking System:

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During the rainy season, the water reduces the friction between your brake pads & tire and thus you feel the low pressure of brakes. You can easily analyze the health of your brake pads as it starts producing screeching noise during rains or right after the wash. This is because of brake pads and it needs to be fixed/replaced immediately. This could definitely lead to an accident, so please ensure brake pads to be perfect.

5) Light Check:

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It’s dark clouds all around during the rain, thunder, or storm and this could lead to less visibility and turn on the lights of your vehicle. Wait!! Is your light Okay?? Yes, lights play an essential role in getting you the best visibility. Check your headlamps, fog lamps, indicators, back lamps, brake lights, and try to turn on your indicators/parking light to ensure a smooth and safe drive during rainy days.

6) Get Your Car A Pre-Season Service:

Nowadays, you know the exact or tentative date of monsoon from the Met department, what if you are already prepared to face the rainy season with a pre-season car service? This will make sure that you have fixed all the above issues of your car and a professional mechanic could come up with a few more suggestions as well. So if you are looking for a car service in Delhi NCR, you can get it done upfront.

7) The Windscreen And The Wipers:

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Make sure that you have the proper wipers because this not only affects the visibility of the driver but also your windscreen. The consistent downpour of rains needs to be removed through healthy wipers otherwise visibility will be low and could lead to an accident. Check the rubber of your wiper because if it has friction with the windscreen, it will leave scratches over there and you could lose windscreen soon. So, replace rubber asap. Also, ensure to fill washer fluid, it can be shampoo water as well.

These are the top and common maintenance tips that will help you to prepare your vehicle for monsoon season. And If you are looking for an expert who can help you out with the questions, reach out to us at Quicqo, the leading choice of car service in Delhi NCR. With the state of the art and tech-driven team who understands the health of your car and offer the best solution at the best price. So get ready for the rainy season with Quicqo and don’t let it hold you back. Download the Quicqo app today!

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