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As likely said planning a wedding is not an easy task, even if you are a bride you have to involve  to finalize the events, decoration, dresses ,food and DJ, however to choose the above professionals your family and friends helps you to get best out of lot and which matches your taste. Now, when it only comes to you, like deciding about what to wear on which function is still easy as you already have it in your mind, what kind of dresses you want to wear and you can always try and wear your outfit and can select which suits you the best, SIMILARLY, you have to decide what kind of make-up will suit according to your outfits for different wedding occasion like haldi, mehendi, cocktail and finally the wedding day. Sweat, tears, long hours, say “cheese” wala smile all the time, and nobody do the touch up so the makeup has to be long lasting. Every women desire to look phenomenal on the day, and so makeup artist will either make or break your day.

Here are few do’s and don’ts while choosing your makeup artists.

  1. Do not hire in a hurry.

As during wedding there are hundreds of work with very less time, often we are busy in doing other stuff and tend to forget to book makeup artists and in a hay wire people tend to choose inexact makeup artists. So to avoid this mess, make sure to book your makeup artist a month before so that you can take a trial.

  1. Do not completely depend on social media.

Social media has nowadays become the best platform to know what’s in trend these days. Be it be hairstyle, outfit or make up. There are lot of makeup artist who upload their work, you can decide what look you want for the day, however do not select just by checking their posts as most of the pics are edited. Check their pages their work. Make sure what will suit you more according to your face size! Yess..make up is not just you can apply any makeup, facial size matters a lots to suit the makeup and give a perfect look. So be careful girls!

  1. Trial is a must!

To look fabulous, girls you need to put little efforts, ”GO FOR TRIAL” after selecting makeup artists & make sure to not select more than two as you will be confused.

Make sure your dresses and jewelry are ready so that artists can suggest you the best look which will go with your outfit. As color of the dress put lot of impact on makeup.

  1. Take help from BFF.

Yes your best friend is the best person to suggest you and with whom you can share your concerns and confusions as your best friend knows you the most. Take her along and she will be your best advisor and help you get the best look. She is the one you will not be hesitate in asking a doubt or may be you want to change your look 100 times, she will be patient and will help you decide the best look.

  1. Take care of your skin.

Make up do wonders we all know, however make- up totally depends on your skin. So take extra care girls! It is advisable to start taking care of skin before 3 months to have glowy and healthy skin. Though in our culture our “dadi “and “nani “ask us to apply” ubtan “made from home-made item which also works as magic to skin, however if you have any other skin problem acne ,dark circles, blemishes you can take skin care treatment or you can consult your make-up artist too, they will suggest you the best as they are experts!

Happy Make up!

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