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We all love rain as it brings lovely weather with cold breeze however sometimes the sultry weather affects our skin and hair badly. The problem of hail fall increases a lot and we have to take extra care for skin too due to sultry weather. Either the hair will become too dry or too oily depending on scalp.



  1. Wash your hair thrice a week as it’s important to keep your scalp clean. If you can wash your hair daily nothing like it.
  2. Use Sulphate free shampoo and use conditioner.
  3. Massage your hair with warm coconut oil and camphor.
  4. To reduce hair-fall apply a hair mask of egg white, curd, honey and glycerine.
  5. You can also apply glycerine and coconut oil on hair as it will give shine to your hair.
  6. Comb your hair at-least for 5 minutes from hair root till hair length as it will generate the blood flow.
  7. Add protein to your diet.
  8. If your hair gets wet in rain wash it on that day or wash it on next morning.
  9. Either add vitamin-e capsules to your hair mask or eat one capsule daily for good hair growth and texture.
  10. Never miss out to get wet in rain..It comes once in a year so enjoy monsoon season .

Happy RAIN!!!!!!


When it comes to skin people only talk or care about face where-in we should take care of entire body skin. If not then it will lose collagen and will sag before age. So it is equally important to take care of entire body.


  1. Apply oil before taking shower as it will keep your body moisturized.
  2. You can apply mustard oil and coconut or olive oil for body massage as it will generate the blood flow.
  3. For face care 3 most important steps are cleansing, toning and moisturizing.
  4. Apply sunscreen lotion is a must even if you at home.
  5. If your skin is too dry you can massage your skin with Vitamin C tablets instead of oil.
  6. If your skin is too oily use dry foam face wash.
  7. Vitamin C tablets are good for all skin type either mix it in face mask or eat two tablets daily it will smoothen your skin color and texture.
  8. Apply face mask twice a week.
  9. Face mask for dry to normal apply honey lemon and egg white.
  10. Face mask for oily skin apply ‘multani mitti aur chandan powder’ mix with honey.

Take care of skin, hair, body & love yourself, love the color and size of your body. Get in touch to hire a professional makeup artist for more tips and consultation. Stay tuned for these kind of tips and share your views in the comment section below.

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