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Mascara is the charming zest for every girl’s eyes. It is regarded as the most important ingredient of your make up kit. It is that one thing which you can use even on the last moment to re-define your look to go out. But applying the mascara perfectly is as difficult as putting on the eyeliner equally on both the sides.
It defines your eyelashes and enlarges them and makes your face look glamorous without applying any excessive makeup. But, sometimes, when you start applying the mascara on your eyelashes, a mess is created. To avoid such things, you should always use some easy mascara hacks to save time, and efforts also.
Given below are few tips which can help you next time while applying the mascara in the right way:

1.      Know the Importance of an Eyelash Curler – An eyelash curler must be given equal importance as it is given to the mascara. Most women do not consider eyelash curler as a vital element of their makeup bag.

Begin the process with your lash curler at a 30-degree angle and clamp at the roots for 15 seconds. After that, repeat the process at the middle of your lashes and finally at the end. Do it once or twice until you get your desired look.

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2.      Coat Both Sides – You must know that coating both the sides is equally crucial. Usually, women apply mascara to the upper eyelash only. But, coating the lower eyelash is also necessary to give your eyes a wider and puffy look.

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This enhances the beauty of your eyes and makes them look larger especially when you are dressing up as a bride from the best bridal makeup artist.
3.      Waterproofing Hack – The biggest problem with the mascara is that sometimes, it gets wiped off easily, and does not work properly.

To make your mascara waterproof, apply your regular mascara as the first coat, and then lock it with a light coat of waterproof mascara to achieve your desired look.
4.      Wiggling is the Key – To make your eyes look bold and wide on your wedding day, all the bridal makeup artists in Delhi wiggle the eyelashes using the wand again and again. This adds volume to your eyes and makes them look bigger.

This simple mascara hack also allows you to do the even application on the eyelashes. It helps to spread the mascara more easily, and while giving more volume to your eyelashes; its application is closer to the roots.

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5.      Mix and mix!! – If you are habitual of a particular mascara wand and after the mascara bottle gets empty, and you do not want to use a new wand, here is a hack for you. 

You can use the old wand with the new mascara container. Just wash the old wand with some lukewarm water and baby shampoo for hygiene purpose, and your favorite wand is ready to go with your new bottle of mascara.

6.      Wipe it Off – Removing the excess product is the best thing you can do for your lashes. All the clumping gets reduced and it also helps to distribute products evenly on your lashes.  Cotton swabs are the best things to use for cleaning your eyelashes.

During your wedding days, always keep some cotton pads handy in case you need to apply the mascara urgently and are tired of searching for any professional bridal makeup artist near me.
Once you begin following these cool mascara hacks, you will realize how easily they transform your look from simple to a sophisticated. So, hurry! Apply the mascara wand and shine!

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