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Top 7 Makeup Tips to Give a Spectacular Look To the Bride

The bride is the charm of the wedding ceremony. From makeover to wedding outfits, everything needs to be perfect to make her feel confident and look elegant on her wedding day. Thus, Makeup plays a crucial role in enhancing the personality of the bride. It should not be too shabby or too light. It must compliment the skin tone to provide a natural look to the bride.

Professional makeup artists in Delhi have come up with new ways of designing the makeover of the bride. Given below are some of the tips for a fabulous makeup look for the bride:

1.Always use the products that match with your skin type :

Bridal Makeup Tips - Quicqo

If you have dry skin you should use a moisturizer with a moderate oily base. The sun will Open up your skin pores which will make your skin more oily and greasy. So, Moisturiser plays a prominent role in protecting your It also provides a solid base before makeup.

2.Day-time Sweat and dirt : Sweat can be a hindrance on a bright sunshiny day, so make sure that you have a fine quality waterproof makeup as it will affect the whole good looking wedding look and spoil your makeup which will make you look more tired.

3.Always keep a bibulous paper : Indian wedding are full of tears and smiles. Thus, tears may act as a hindrance in maintaining the makeup look of the bride. Apart from the waterproof makeup, it’s necessary to keep a bibulous paper so that it can easily absorb your tears without destroying the makeup. You need to touch your face occasionally and not completely, maybe just use the tip of it.

4.Another thing that might help you keep makeup on the place:

Makeup Touchups for Bride Tips - Quicqo

Ask a close friend or a person who would remain at the wedding throughout with you to keep a small makeup kit for touch-ups in between. It’s not the fault of the makeup artist that you need touch ups but because of your tiredness and sweat, you may require to fill up gaps if any.

5.Match the makeup with the day :

Bridal Makeup Artist Tips - Quicqo

Usually, the bridal makeup artist in Delhi takes care of the makeup foundation and the overall look of the bride depending upon the weather of the wedding day. If it’s a day wedding you should keep light makeup due to the sun, as there is enough light to make you glow but at night you a bright makeup.

6.Use aloe-vera gel or face primer :

Aloe Vira for Beauty - Quicqo

You can apply aloe vera gel before putting makeup it would help to stick the makeup for long but if you want to be quick you can use face primer- to be selected according to skin type.

7.Use of eye shadow : The best bridal makeup artist suggests that if the wedding is on a sunny day avoid using heavy eye shadow they might melt with the sweat spoiling makeup. Use a thin line as minimum as possible to make you look beautiful.

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