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Wedding Photography

Indian wedding is all about creating the moments and cherish them for life long. Whether it’s soulful jaimala moment, or the reaction when he sees you first time walk down the aisle, these moments which you want to live in forever. Which is why we capture them in the form of a photo album. We get the best of wedding photographers on our platform to seize your most celebrated moments with perfection.

Wedding photography shots in 2020
Pic Credit :- Janine Licare, Shot by Kismet

Check out these “Just Married” photos of our favorite couples, and you’ll add them to your photo checklist!

2020 Best Shots for Wedding Photography
Pic Credit :- Parinita Dewan

Rain Of Flowers!

Wedding photography tips in 2020
Pic Credit:- Picsurely
Beautiful Pics of Bride & Groom
Pic Credit:- Oaks Wedding

A bucket of rose petals can add a fairytale effect and loads of charm to your ‘just married’ moments.

Ask your guests to participate!

Best Couple Shot Ideas in 2020
Pic Credit – Logan Cole

Ask your guests to shower flower petals and paper bombs, while your photographer makes out the most of this dreamy moment!

Seal it with a kiss!

Best Moments of Couples in 2020 Wedding
Pic Credit – Sam & Ekta – Sonder Frames
Kiss of Love Moment - Bride and Groom
Pic Credit – Studio W- Photography & Live Stream Experts

Make her feel how long have you waited for this moment with a kiss on her cheeks!

Make it Fun!

Best Wedding photography team in India
Pic Credit – EM Photography

Enjoy each and every moment and wrap the celebration with creative shots!

“Goal Accomplished” – wala shot.

Marriage Photography Near You
Pic Credit – Sunny Dhiman Photography

Finally, we did it and it’s a big deal.

That perfect Shot with Mandap!

Best Wedding Photography Shots & Ideas
Pic Credit – Amit – Fine Art Photographer & Filmmaker

After the pheras, get the guests out, pandit out and twirl under the beautiful mandap. After all, you have spent all the money on it and it should be a part of your memories.

Wedding Photographers Near Me
Pic Credit – Gayatri Sharma

Wedding Photos & Shots in 2020!

Laugh wholeheartedly and live the moment for natural shots.

Wedding Photoshoot Ideas
Pic Credit – Smiti & Nilesh
Best Wedding Photography Package
Pic Credit – Vows & Tales

Sometimes the most beautiful shots are captured right after the couple gets done with their final rituals. Have a look at this one.

One picture with your pets!

Wedding Photography Prices
Pic Credit –

If you are a pet lover, get them involved on your big day, and indulge them in your moments.

Take a screenshot of your favorite click and add it to your checklist for your wedding.

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