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Gone are the days when the brides were clad in loads of dupattas on their head with their face completely covered. It is 2019, and the girls are talking with their fashion statement. Do not feel shy in revealing those curves that you have maintained with a lot of hard work and grab a beautiful masterpiece from a designer. You can look out for customized gowns from several stores which sell wedding gowns near your location.

Break the stereotype of a bride wearing lehengas and walk the red carpet in a beautiful and elegantly designed gown that will make you look sexy and will make your groom go crazy over your looks.

Bridal Look for Wedding - Quicqo

The bells for your wedding day have started ringing, and so are the gongs in your head about what to wear on the day. Look out for trending ideas and talk to designers who can suggest you something according to your shape and size.

If you have a sexy neckline then go ahead and flaunt it with pride, why should a beautifully toned back be kept hidden in a dupatta, instead go for deep necklines or even a backless dress and let your older generation adore you with their mouth wide open.

Beautiful Bride Look Ideas - Quicqo

Select colors that will complement the decor and theme of your wedding. Do not go crazy with jewelry instead, and a simple diamond necklace will look the best and will be your best companion on your big day. Do not overdo a lot that you end up snatching the limelight from your guy. Dress up and complement each other as a couple or else one will be hidden behind the charm of others.

Bold Bride look for Wedding - Quicqo

If you are confused about your dress, then browse through pages and have a look at the attire that your favorite celebrity wore but remember not to follow them blindly. Do not hesitate in looking for the latest wedding dress ideas before giving any dress a green signal.

Being a sexy bride is not about revealing your parts, but it is about dressing up in a way that your personality does not lower down with tons of cloth wrapped around your body and loads of makeup on your face making you look like a chimpanzee.

Bridal Look Ideas - Quicqo

If you have any ideas, go ahead and discuss them with your designer as it is your wedding and why should you miss a chance to be your dress designer. Also, keep in mind that your wedding dress should complement with your groom for example if you are planning for a gown then make him wear a tuxedo or else if he is wearing a sherwani then you opt for fusion otherwise trust me it is going to be a disaster.

Bridal Look Tips - Quicqo

One an end note, it is highly preferable to visit a couple of stores which are well known for selling bridal gowns near you and jot down points that you love about the dresses there. Do not copy their design but talk with your designer about them and get a beautiful masterpiece designed especially for you to make you look like a princess.

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