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You must have heard from decades and decades that “marriages are made in heaven” Yess ! but it happens on!! In Indian culture marriage is just not the single day event, it’s a celebration for atleast a week. The moment the wedding date is fixed by a “panditji “, the real planning starts. There are so many rituals which are performed for several days. It’s a huge responsibility as you have several things to remember and make it happen. The most common and funniest thing I have noticed people forget to get is” vermala” or sindoor (vermilion), there are little things like these which are really important but still we miss sometimes. So it is important to keep a checklist. Here we will tell you what to keep in your checklist for executing the entire event successfully.

Wedding Planner

Why Indian wedding planner first..? As they will lessen your half of the burden, most of the event planner takes care of everything from a small ceremony decoration, venue, food, lighting to a big ceremony. They come up with different themes and ideas which are in trend or you can always suggest what you looking for. In other words, by hiring the right wedding planner is like accomplishing 60% of the target because they plan & arrange all the stuff for your wedding.

Wedding Photographer

This is again very important as it is really crucial to book them as early as possible or during wedding seasons it will be difficult to find them as they get all pre booked. It is vital as we all need to capture all the moments from functions, pics of dance “jugalbandi “of mamaji and buaji to a diabetic “tauji “having a plate of “gulab jamun.” Every moment is special and its need to be captured. It’s all about creating memories and it can only be captured by the professional wedding photographer, Right?

So you need to consider various parameters before hiring a wedding photographer. First, You need to explore their portfolio/work pictures to make sure about his/her skills and expertise in wedding photography. Second is the pricing because you must be having a certain budget for this purpose. Finding the best wedding photographer who is creative, smart, share his ideas to make your day amazing, customize the package as per your need is the real challenge for any bride or groom.

Food Catering

As event planner takes all the burden however if you want to book your own caterer make a list of caterer you want to visit and taste the food and finalize them. This again has to be done a month before! You can ask your Event planner to provide this service too as many of them do provide all these services.

Goodies & Gifts

As gifting on wedding is a tradition, earlier it was a trend to give only sweets but now the trend have changed. People want to gift something unique and you can always consult your event planner as they have variety of ideas. You can also get badge of ‘ladke wale’ and ’ladki wale ‘broche, turban and lot of prop to make your wedding look happening.

Pooja Samigri

Hindu wedding is all about ‘puja’ and ‘fere’ so we need 100 of items to arrange. So ask your panditji to make a list of things and buy them accordingly and make someone responsible to buy the “puja samagri.” Every little thing is important so make sure to check the list.

Wedding dance Choreographer

Wedding without a dance is a no no !take a reference or search through websites, check their videos and call them for trial, ask them for different theme dance and bridal entry, you can choose as there are wide number of wedding dance choreographers available which can make your day special.

You just need to choose one out of best. A Wedding dance choreographer have hundreds of ideas to make your D-day special. It can include the family dance, bride entry, the couple dance which can’t be completed without a romantic bollywood song.

As it’s a big task whether you are doing a destination wedding or a venue wedding there are lot of work, so it is advisable to divide the work amongst family member. Make a to-do and check list as it will lessen your burden and make it a systematic arrangement with no forgetting of ‘vermala ‘or any little thing.

There are lot of other important aspects and points which needs to be considered while making a checklist for your wedding. And if you are looking for a professional regarding the wedding services like photography, dance choreography, bridal makeup artist etc, get the best recommendation from us.  Drop your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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