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Your wedding day is here, and it is the dream of every bride to look her best and amaze the people around her with her elegant beauty. It is not always necessary to go over the bar and put tons of makeup on your skin to look beautiful as your natural beauty can be enhanced by staying neutral too.

Think of Anushka Sharma who kept in sober on her wedding day and killed it with her looks or Neha Dhupia who looked stunning in a baby pink lehenga with minimal makeup on her face. Browse through sites and get to know about luxury bridal wear in Delhi NCR and get going with the idea that clicks your mind.

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The beauty of the bride can come out in a certain way if and only if she is comfortable with what attire she is wearing. When selecting your bridal dress, you must take care of specific points, and you are going to steal the show with your charming looks.

Always make sure the wedding dress you select should not be of vibrant or loud colors and must be fresh and should not pinch in the eyes of the audience. There are a lot of options that you can look out for from the store that deals in bridal lehenga in Delhi NCR and get an idea of different trends.

Neha Dhupia - Wedding Planning Tips - Quicqo

A bride is of much more importance to the guests, and they all love to analyze her looks but who gives a DAMN!! It is better to be yourself and do whatever you feel like as it is your day but does not forget to keep quick tips in your mind:

Do not overdo with your hairdo, remember Kalindi from “Veere di wedding”, she has a clean messy bun made with a light gajra and looked mesmerizing.

Veere Di Wedding - Tips

It is not always necessary to go for red or orange and green you will still be a brined in light pink and beige color and will again look beautiful in a sky blue lehenga. So, break the stereotypes of a bride clad in red and think different.

To get rid of the confusion running in your mind you can straightaway lookout for designers and can get ideas related to your wedding attire from the top wedding dress designers in Delhi NCR and then plan your look accordingly.

Always try to keep your dress according to the shape of your body so that you do not end up in flaunting those flaps without any need. A well-toned tummy should not be kept behind that heavy dupatta, and a bulging belly can be covered with a long blouse.

Bajirao Mastani - Wedding Look - Quicqo

Also, these days the Mastani look is trending a lot, and the brides can opt something like that too.

It is your day, and you have to make it unique by looking the most beautiful but remember that beauty cannot be enhanced until and unless you are comfortable so choose your wedding dress wisely and girl, you are going to kill it with your looks.

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