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Gone are the days when buying a wedding day dress used to be a huge task, and the bride was tortured with loads of awkward-looking clothes. Its time when people are turning practical and do not love to spend a lot on their wedding dress and instead like to rent it and look sassy on their wedding day.

Kill it with your looks and adorn a beautifully stitched piece from a well-known designer by renting your dress. There are a lot of famous designers who offer wedding dress on rent in Delhi NCR. All you need to do is to look out for the best ones and hit the store to make your booking.

Wedding Dress ideas - Quicqo

Now if you still want to spend a lot on your one-time wearable wedding dress then kudos as there are a lot of best bridal wear stores in Delhi NCR that will offer you a vast collection out of which you can select a perfect piece of your wedding.

Let’s read about some latest wedding dress ideas that can help you in selecting your masterpiece and look glamorous

Choosing a wedding dress should not be a tedious task when you are aware of your body type and know what will suit your style. A short bride will not be comfortable in a long fish cut lehenga, and a fat bride would not love to expose her well-grown waist with a short blouse. So always know your body type and then try those dresses so that you do not end up looking like a monkey on your wedding day.

Bridal Dress Ideas - Quicqo

Make it as comfortable as it can be with a dress that will match your personality and do not just follow your favorite celebrity blindly. A gown worn by Sonam Kapoor on her wedding day won’t look good if you have a lot of flesh on your body and the dress worn by Priyanka Chopra is a big NO if you have a dark complexion.

Always remember it is your day, and you will have thousands of eyes who will be analyzing your look, but all you need to do is to IGNORE THEM and be your known on your wedding. Enjoy every moment and lick thousands of pictures and this can only be done when you are comfortable in what you are wearing or else all you will end up in will be a couple of excellent photos and an uncomfortable and weird smile on your face.

Bridal Lehenga Ideas - Quicqo

Go through the internet and look out for ideas that you can match up to. Discuss them with your designer and let her select some best pieces for you. Keep in mind that the last choice of your dress has to be your own and not of somebody else. They do not know what will look good on you or in what kind of clothing you will be comfortable.

Keep it simple, yet make it glamorous with the best ideas that you can have and look perfect on your wedding day!!

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