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Miheeka Bajaj - Wedding Masks for Brides

The wedding industry has seen one of the toughest times in this pandemic. While weddings get canceled or postponed due to corona, there are few couples who decided to make their wedding happen with a limited number of guests. They are also following all preventive measures shared by the government and one of them is to wear the mask. There are masks that are not like regular masks but specially designed to match the bride’s attire. 

Celebrity Wedding - Miheeka Bajaj

Miheeka Bajaj - Pre Wedding Functions

Celebrity Miheeka Bajaj & Actor Rana Daggubati’s pre-wedding functions are going on and Miheeka can be seen in a beautiful lehenga and mask matching with her dress. Not just the celebrities but the other brides are following this trend and using these highly elegant and beautifully designed masks. 

Masks Matching Bridal Lehenga
Pics Credit – The Wedding Empire
Bride & Siblings in Designer Wedding Masks
Pics Credit – The Wedding Empire

These brides are winning hearts with their adorable expressions and the matching between dress and masks. Brides can also use the extra fabric from their lehenga and get a matching mask stitched. 

Wedding Masks for Brides
Pics Credit – The Wedding Empire
Bride & Her Friends in Wedding during Pandemic
Pics Credit – The Wedding Empire

Couples hosting the small gathering of family and friends and arranging checkpoints like hand sanitizers at the entry, offering them single color designer masks for the bride and groom & making the wedding a dream one in this tough time as well.

Precautions In Wedding During Pandemic
Pics Credit – The Wedding Empire

Because of Covid-19 the entire industry and market evolved itself with a new way of organizing weddings in 2020 and since it’s a lifetime event, couples are not letting the virus ruin their dreams. With all preventive guidelines in consideration, weddings would slowly but gradually pick up the speed. 

What do you think about this new normal in weddings? Tell us in the comment section and keep checking the latest content and trending ideas in the wedding for the bride and groom. Download the Quicqo app at the play store now. 

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  1. Very well articulated and informative content. My friend got married during the lockdown and I suggested her to take a look at these inspirations. Wonderful guys!

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