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Donuts lover!!!! But not eating because of dieting…hmmmm. Well we always avoid and ignore our favorite food because we feel we might gain extra fat and calories resulting into increase in weight.  And always wonder how these celebrities eat pizza and do party and they eat everything & still manage to get an amazing physique.

One of the most renowned actors Shilpa Shetty we all know she is a big time food lover and has a sweet tooth and she has the best figure I have seen so far (she’s my favorite).  And we get really amazed and shocked to see the tremendous weight loss of actors like Alia bhatt, Sonakshi Sinha , Sonam Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra, Arjun Kapoor and most shocking weight loss we  have seen was Mukesh Ambani’s son Anant Ambani. Wonder, what do they do?

They eat right!

YES! People always think that even after doing dieting, starving, exercising, joining gym is not helping them to lose weight the way they want or even if they lose they tend to gain weight again.

As most of the trainers says that losing weight mostly depends on the food what we eat and then the exercise, so food plays a major role in losing and gaining weight.

Professional dietician says that dieting does not mean saying “no no” to all the food which has fats & Carbohydrates. Fats & Carbohydrates are equally important as much as fiber & protein are. The only thing is we should know how much quantity we should eat and at what time. A good dietician is the best person to suggest what to eat right.

We see lots of diet charts and start following without consulting a dietician. There are so many food which all the body type cannot digest or may be allergic or may tend to gain weight and we don’t know what and where are we doing things wrong! Professional dietician will always suggest you what to eat what not to eat and what will suit your body type. They will give you a weekly chart to follow and then they analyze which food is effecting you a right way and with which food you are gaining weight or not effecting at all.

A very small and good to know info is that we have often heard that drinking lemon water with a drop of honey works wonder in reducing weight & especially when consumed empty stomach, but do we know lemon has citric acid and it does not suit everyone, it tend to increase fat so it is advisable to squeeze a lemon in hot water, let it be warm and then drink. Similarly ‘jeera’ (cumin) water also has both the tendency to loose and gain weight. The most common drink which is in trend ‘Green tea’ even that also not advisable to drink all the time. A good dietician will suggest you when to drink whether you should drink green leaf tea or tea bags all have different effects. There’s even a right time to eat salad we just can’t eat salad anytime we want.

So if you are dieting and doing exercise and still not able to lose weight! Consult a professional and expert dietician and they have a solution to your problems!

Not only a good dietician will help you lose weight but they also help, if you have a hair fall problem skin problem, stomach problem or have diabetes etc. They help you to eat right so that you can lead a happy and a healthy life. Dietician will analyze your reports and customize your diet to give you significant results in the required time.

Stop worrying, eat right, exercise and hire a professional dietician!

Have a happy dieting.

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