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Fitness is in trend these days however 10 out of hundred would hit a gym daily as a routine and some would join yoga or would do home exercise. Doing exercise is important & it is recommended to every person from children to old age people and especially to mommies.

Hitting to gym daily and doing rigorous hours of exercise is not possible for everyone specially for working mother. However everyone should be involved in different form of activities like cycling, running, sports, swimming or 20 minutes of walking.


It is challenging for a woman to raise children, looking after family and also pursuing their career and no wonder why women are termed as “WONDER WOMAN” while taking care of everything and everyone women forgets or ignore to take care of their health. Here are few tips which you can follow in your daily routine.

First and foremost eat healthy and stay hydrated.

  1. Your child is your best pal. Try to play with them in the park involve in some physical activity games which will be good for both of you.
  2. Try to do 10 minutes of exercise before going for shower. It may include plank, arm exercise, face exercise and skipping.
  3. Avoid scooty, activa or car to drop your son or daughter to hobby classes or while going to market if its 10 minutes away. Walk!
  4. Keep it simple, no need to do 40 minutes or 60 minutes of exercise, follow diet and involve in some physical exercise even a simple walk count as a work out.
  5. Take out time for yourself, your health is your asset you only need to take care of, make your health your priority women!


Best time to take protein is in breakfast, pre and post workout and before sleep. There are foods that are healthy but high in calories and that doesn’t mean one can have as much as they can. Food which are rich in protein are:

  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Paneer
  • Quinoa


Avocado; it has anti -inflammatory properties and keep cholesterol levels and heart disease in check. One- half can have up-to 300 calories depending on the size.

Quinoa: It contains several vitamins it has excellent source of minerals which supports bone health and benefits your muscle, deliver amino acids needed to build muscle.

Peanut Butter: It is packed with nutrition, protein and it also contain fiber, One table spoon has 180 calories.

Chia seeds: This prevent from overeating and is source of protein and fiber. It consists of 70 calories per tablespoon.

Olive Oil: It has healthy fats but just like any other oil a single tablespoon contains 120 calories.

It is recommended to eat 60 to 90 minutes before work out or to take quick snacks like banana.  As it usually sits easier in the stomach while providing decent energy for upcoming training or not to eat anything and just have liquid like water/coffee/protein shake. There’s minimum risk of this not digesting and you can feel comfortable when training.

Often heard I’m on a diet but still not able to lose weight or I don’t get time to hit the gym & too busy with my kids .DUH…DUH…MOMMIES, COMPLAING WILL NEVER BURN YOUR CALORIES.THE ONLY TIME WOMAN IS HELPLESS WHEN HER NAIL POLISH IS DRYING

                       “Above all, be the heroine of your life.”


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