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It's your D day and you have to look amazing, get in touch with the best bridal makeup artist in your budget. Quicqo is the one stop destination if you are looking to hire a professional wedding makeup artist near you. We have the top rated makeup professionals who have worked with various celebr Read More

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Hiring Guide - Best Bridal Makeup Artist Near You

There is a great enchantment around the wedding dress and what it represents in a wedding. But, the truth is - what would the bride look like without a good make up and amazing hair? This powerful duo has the power to enhance the bride's beauty and keep her flawless until the best day of her life passes. With that in mind, nothing is fairer than choosing an experienced professional in the wedding world, who is aware of all the techniques that can make the bride look more beautiful than ever before. With Quicqo, now you can get the Top Rated bridal makeup artist in Delhi NCR at your door step. Keep reading to know important details and how to choose the best bridal makeup artist for the occasion. 

The Importance of Visagism Technique

Visagism is, by definition, a set of techniques adopted to enhance the beauty of a face through the harmonious conception between makeup and hairstyle. This is why it is so important to choose a professional who is familiar with these techniques. One of the most important elements of the bride's look is undoubtedly the makeup. Along with the dress, the Professional bridal makeup artist in Delhi is responsible for conveying the essence and personality of the bride. Of pastel and neutral shades or smoky eyes and red lipstick, the bridal makeup needs to be thought out carefully to avoid exaggeration and to comply with the time and ceremony style.

The Trends for Bridal Makeup

If you are the type who likes to follow trends, be aware that today’s modern bridal make over remains as simple as possible - marked by quite naturalness. The best bridal makeup artist near you knows every trends and will suggest you the makeup which perfectly suits your beauty. The idea here is that natural beauty is enhanced by the use of neutral colours and rosy and pastel tones. Ideal especially for day weddings and field ceremonies, the look abuses peach-colour blush and nude lips or with a slight shine to brighten the face.

Another technique is widely used throughout the year is stroking. This makeup leaves the skin light and silky using only illuminator and blush. It gives dimension to the bride's face. This is because it highlights strategic areas with light points. A makeup that will gain ground is the metallic shadow. Recommended for those who are getting married at night, the technique should be used by brides who want to shine a lot - in person and in the photos. So if you are searching for the best Bridal Makeup Artist Near me, here your search comes to an end. Keep reading.

How to Choose the Right Makeup Artist?

Along with the choice of bridal hairstyle and wedding dress, makeup is a very important choice of the Big Day. And in order to have no scare hours before the wedding, it is important to have confidence in your makeup artist. Having the Best bridal makeup artist in city is a guarantee that you will have good results not only in the ceremony, but also in the photos and video.

Good makeup for brides in photos and at wedding depends on a qualified professional. When choosing, don't base your decision solely on the price of work and the images the makeup artist posts on Instagram. Pay a visit and talk to brides who have used the service. Also, don't trust a makeup artist who says he can do the work on you, your mother, and your bridesmaids alone. Look for someone who has a team of professionals. Thus, each one focuses on doing the makeup of only one person. It is worth mentioning: the search for the professional should start in advance. The ideal is to close up to 4 months in advance. The bridal makeup market works with a very elastic calendar. So chose the Top ten bridal makeup artist in Delhi NCR and compare their services.

The Perfect Bridal Makeup

Not to miss the Big Day makeup, the main tip that the bride should follow is to be in agreement with the period of the ceremony: day or night. The look doesn't have to go with the place where the wedding will be held. It makes no difference whether your party is in the salon, in the field or on the beach. What will determine the colours is the day or night. Already the makeup for evening bride usually has a more crafted skin, marked eyes and colourful lipsticks. With the absence of natural light, it is easier to play in dark colours without fear of being over. These things you must know before you Book bridal makeup artist in India.

The only colour that should be avoided in bridal makeup is black. This is because he may end up weighing his face. In the second day, you will already have an eye marked. It will not take anything well at the wedding and much less in the pictures. If you want you can get the List of bridal makeup artist in Delhi at Quicqo. So, you can choose accordingly. Makeup comes to reinforce the bride's features and make her more confident.

Take a Quiz Before Setting Wedding Makeup

The makeup tests are very important to avoid stress on your wedding day. This meeting assures the bride of possible scares. This is where the woman takes all the references about the ceremony and what she wants for makeup. On the other hand, the Top rated wedding makeup artist in Delhi is already working with the bride's face and biotype to deliver the best look. On the day of the makeup test, the bride does not need to take the dress. But it is essential that she carry the dress to match the makeup style. This way, the professional can work with the complete look and deliver what she will see on the day. 

Bridal Makeup for Every Woman

Each woman is unique. And, to shine on the big day, makeup must respect its features. Here are some bridal makeup suggestions for different styles. Get inspired!

Clear Skin 

The fair-skinned bride can abuse colours, but without exaggeration. If you want to follow a safe path, bet on the pink tones. They are the ones that most harmonize with this type of skin. And avoid yellowish bases and heavy contours.

Brown Skin

The makeup for brunette bride should bet on earth tones and pink or red lipsticks. These colours emphasize the tone of the skin. Although metallic tones are a trend, it is important to escape the silver shadows. This is because they can give a charged effect and not favour it in photos.

Black Skin

Here the greatest care is the tone of the base. It must be true to your skin to avoid a greyish finish. Pull the makeup up to warm tones like gold, brown and copper. Seeking help from a Bridal makeup artist at affordable prices in Delhi who has experience with your skin colour is also a good option.


The oriental bride needs to pay attention to the eyes. It's important not to slow them down. So mark the concave and invest in false eyelashes. If you prefer, look for a professional who has experience with Orientals. Also use yellowish bases. Those with a reddish bottom may turn it pink.

High Coverage Base Is Indispensable

The high-coverage base covers imperfections already in the first layer, fixes much longer on the look and ensures the glow finish just right - meaning there's plenty to bet on, especially for bridesmaids. Best not to risk melting your look after a few hours of partying. There are those who are afraid to bet on high coverage bases and end up with a heavy effect on the face, but everything is a matter of application. It's worth rethinking the finish of the foundation, lipstick and eyelash mask - preferring waterproof and long-lasting versions - and betting on pre-party multitasking for even brighter skin.  

Bet on Waterproof Eyelash Mask and Long Lasting Lipsticks

And to follow the logic of sturdy, long-lasting makeup, the waterproof eyelash mask and long-lasting lipstick are also two must have items in wedding makeup. With these two allies, the bride will be able to be thrilled at the ceremony. It is ideal for easily removing waterproof makes and, breaking, fits all skin types because it has no oils in the composition. Now that you have found the Best bridal makeup artist in Delhi NCR it’s time for you to choose the best professional. 

Take the Chosen Make-Up Test Before the Big Day


Testing makeup is the kind of advice that is valid for both brides who want to produce their own makeup and for those who have scheduled an appointment with a professional makeup artist. In any case, it is necessary to test colours, contours, effects and possibilities before the wedding - so it is easier to ensure that the look stays as planned hours before the ceremony. The final secret is to choose a good Celebrity bridal makeup artist in Delhi from Quicqo. He will be responsible for keeping the makeup intact.

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